Will a Corsair VX450W PSU power my low budget i5 build?

I'm in need of an upgrade from my Intel Core 2 Duo build, but I'm on a budget, so I'm using old hardware like my case, fans, GPU, and PSU.

I only have 2 concerns:
1) Will my PSU provide enough power? It's a relatively old model, and I don't know anything about PSU or Watts/Voltage, so I'm lost here.
2) Will my GPU work with the new parts? GPUs with power connectors aren't a requirement are they?

New Hardware:
-ASRock Z77 Pro3:
-Intel i5-3350p:
-G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600:
-Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD (already bought and reason for upgrade):

Old Hardware of Concern:
-Corsair VX450W PSU:
-Sapphire Radeon HD4650 GDDR2 512mb:

Eventually, I'm going to upgrade the old parts and add more memory, but right now I just need a faster processor and a MoBo that can actually read the Seagate HDD (my current one cannot). So, will this build work?
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    You're fine for now. That GPU only requires a 400W power supply, does not require additiona PCIE power connectors, and you have an adequate supply for everything else.

    If you decide to go with a better graphics card than that, though, I would recommend at least a newer PSU, wattage will depend on what card you go with.
  2. Hmm you are good for now as the components you are using will run properly with this 400 W PSU... If you further plan to upgrade your graphics card then you will need to upgrade your PSU with higher wattage as per your graphics card's requirement...
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