Driver for my Scanner

I use Win 8.1
I have CanoScanLide25 Scanner I want to Download the driver for it

but I get this text in cannon page
There is no driver for the OS Version you selected. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver.

what to do?
can win8.1 Realy Detect my scanner? then How? I connect it and it is not working?

or I use win7 scanner driver?

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    Download the Windows 7 Driver and choose 'Save'
    Open folder when d'loaded and Right click the Setup File
    Choose 'Troubleshoot Compatibility' then 'Troubleshoot Program'
    Choose Earlier Programs etc., Windows 7, Test Program.
    If all fails buy Vuescan from Hamrick, it provides drivers for just about every obsolete scanner! (I use it all the time)
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