Want to build Gaming Rig under INR 70000, Need Help

Please suggest me latest configuration for Gaming Rig under INR 70000
I would like to have Intel i7, Gigabyte/MSI MotherBoard,
For me important things are Motherboard, Processor,Graphic Card, Cooling System, Please help
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  1. Since you mentioned the budget in INR check You can order from here or get a knowledge abt the prices in India.
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    Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell (4th Generation) ₹14,000.00
    Gigabyte H87M-D3H* ₹7,800.00
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB ₹5,200.00
    WD Caviar Black 1TB ₹6,000.00
    Sapphire Dual X R9 280X 3GB OC ₹23,500.00
    Seasonic S12II 620W ₹6,300.00
    Cooler Master HAF912 Combat With Side Panel Window Gaming Cabinet ₹5,800.00
    Asus DRW-24D3ST DVD Burner ₹1,100.00

    Total ₹69,700.00
  3. +1 Ashish. ₹300 commission for him :P
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