how do i uninstall windows 8.1 and install vista

i need to uninstall windows 8 so i can put it on my new pc
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  1. If your computer is made of uefi hardware, then i don't think you will be able to intsall lower versions of Windows. I tried to install Win 7 on my Uefi Hardware Laptop But I ended up with "no OS found error" So If your PC has Uefi hardware I reccomend don't install Vista. Because result are likely to be similar as mine. If you don't have uefi harware you can easily install Vista by Formatting the C: drive while installing Vista.

    If you don't know what UEFI is? simple ans. If you have already Windows 8 on your pc and it has Glowing stickers showting Windows 8. That's when you have an UEFI harware.

    Note- Someone please correct me if I am Wrong about abyhitng posted in this whole answer. :P
  2. Enable LEGACY boot mode. Then you can install Win 7. Verified on UEFI Laptop.
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