GPU fan not spinning?

Hello, my graphics card fan is not spinning at all and it remains at around 75 degree celcius at idle and goes more than a 100 when gaming. Some games shut the pc off even so I reduced the resolution then started to play. I am also looking for buying a GTX 650Ti Boost edition if not the normal one because I can't play because of overheating. Thank you.

My PC configuration is
Motherboard: XFX X-G31
Processor: Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz
RAM: 3GB (4GB Max)
Graphics: XFX HD4650 1GB (Approx. Total Memory 2300 MB)
PSU: Corsair VS450
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    You have answered your own question. Your gpu is overheating due to lack of cooling from a non-working fan. Your choices are either replace the fan or buy a new card.

    The 650ti boost is a great card - just remember you will need to completely uninstall the amd drivers before you install the 650 drivers.

  2. If the fan isn't working then overheating is an issue and I wouldn't recommend playing on that card. Either try and get the fan to work or get a new card. Upgrading to the 650 ti is a good option price wise. Depends on what your budget is
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