Windows 8 slowing down computer?

Okay so i just recently built my first gaming pc and the specs are on the high end side but I'm having problems with speed and loading, for example when i load league of legends it takes a long time for the launcher to finish loading and ping spikes but average over 100 fps in game. There is also a problem where every time the computer restarts it has to re-identify the network to even connect to the internet.

The reason i think it is windows 8 is because when i upgraded to 8.1 it wrecked my 770 in game graphics drivers... and had to re-install. plz help?
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  1. Did you do a clean install on the graphics drivers, i had the exact same problem with fps spikes on my 7870 crossfire set up and a repair of the drivers didnt work, a fresh reinstall worked by clearing the drivers and files first then reinstalling again.

    Might be ATI specific in my instance, but seemed to work with me, 100ish fps average in battlefield 4 no spikes now.
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