Reusing my hard drive in a new build

Can someone tell me what steps to take in reusing my current hard drive in a new build? I've purchased all the parts to make a new build except for the hard drive and OD (did so to stay within my budget), and I don't exactly know what I need to do to reuse the HD. I know I'm going to have to install a new OS (already purchased), but I don't exactly know how to do so. Any help?
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    Just like using a new drive, except you might want to save any personal data elsewhere first.

    Download all the relevant drivers and put them on a USB stick or DVD.
    Put it all together.
    Set the boot priority to the DVD drive only
    Install, blowing away anything on the drive.
    Set the boot priority to the HDD
    Install drivers and Windows updates.
  2. What drivers do I need?
  3. Maars_82 said:
    What drivers do I need?

    The components generally come with a CD containing all of the needed drivers. But I tend to go to the manufacturers websites and get the latest ones. No telling how old that CD is.

    But they will work. You could update to newer ones later.
  4. tyvm
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