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which is the best anti virus for windows 7
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  1. Norton, easily.
  2. viveksgowda said:
    which is the best anti virus for windows 7

    Go for Bitdefender for both either pay or free antivirus. Its the best security suit.

    can also refer following thread:

    Have a great new year blast.
  3. However I use Windows defender for my windows 8 Pc and Microsoft Security Essential for my Windows 7 Pc. Haven't faced any problem till today. Might be the reason that i never visit bullshit sites or download any bullshit contents. But these both free antivirus are great for my PCs.
  4. I use Comodo Internet Security and i am happy with it.It doesnt uses a lot of resources, it has a firewall and a high detection rate.It also has a sandbox and pretty strong HIPS. It has a program called kill switch (more information about it here: ) its smilar to task manager.It also has a virtual kiosk .It also has a gaming mode.You can also make a rescue disk with it.And i think it is the best free AV.
    Download Link:
  5. Panda Software (internet security) is the best hands down... Norton and Mac-A-Fee both are border line tools.
    Also, if your solution is a free one remember, you get what you pay for!
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