Adding a new boot ssd to an old boot ssd + 2 hdd (raid 0) setup.

Hello everyone, I'm new here. thanks for taking the time to read this. I've tried to look for a post from someone with a similar situation but could not find it.

I have an old setup with a 40gb intell sdd, and 2 1TB hhd's in raid 0. The old OS is on the ssd, and the 2 hdd's are for storage, software installations and games.
Because the 40gb ssd is too small I want to add a 256gb Samsung 830 series as the new bootdrive with a fresh windows install. Is it possible to do this and still keep all the data on the 2 hdd's?

I was planning to detach all the drives, install the new sdd and the os. Hook the old drives up again. Boot with the new install. Save some files from the old ssd and format it.

Will this work?

Thanks in advance :)!
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  1. Disconnect the hdd.s
    Clone the old ssd to the new ssd - not from within windows, download freeware Hirens BootCD.
    Reconnect hdd's
    Boot to Windows and double check defragmenter has is disabled for the SSD.
  2. Samsung offers a free cloning utility for their drives.
    Download it from Samsung to get the latest version.
    You should be able to clone your 40gb ssd to the new ssd.
    Boot from the new ssd and repurpose the 40gb ssd for something else.
    You might be able to use the 40gb ssd as a cache for your hard drives.

    And--- the 830 series is still good, but old. I would look at the newer 840 EVO drives.
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