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Hi guys, new around here. Hopefully you guys can solve my problem :)

Several months ago, I re-installed Windows because of an unknown error that prevented me from starting it normally. Then everything works fine. But about a month after, I started to experience the "Close Programs to Prevent Information Loss. Your computer is low on memory." error. I googled for some solutions, they said that I need to increase the virtual memory that's going to be used and I did, but it didn't solve the problem, it only helped. It allows me to do everything normally but requires me to restart my laptop after about 3-4 hours usage (where the error message pops up again and everything became so slow). More recently however, the problem occurs again, but it's much worse. I can't run windows normally just because I have the problem every time I launch it normally (and I really can't do anything other than to force restart with the power button), and running windows in safe mode is the only way (it even lags in safe mode).

Here are some screens of the task manager in safe mode (with networking):
I took the following screens with no application running.

(The CPU usage fluctuates between 1-13%)

Here are the running services

And this is the Process tab again with Google Chrome running (the only tab opened in the browser is the Create New Thread tab from tomshardware)

(With Chrome running, the Memory usage is rises to 1.50GB)

I think the problem is the RAM usage (which I have only 2GB but something is overusing it), but I don't know what caused it.

Here's my specs (as told by systemrequirementslab):

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz
Manufacturer Intel
Speed 2.4 GHz
Number of Cores 4
Family 06
Model 25
Stepping 5
Revision 02
Video Card 1 NVIDIA GeForce 310M
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Chipset GeForce 310M
Dedicated Memory 512 MB
Total Memory 512 MB
Pixel Shader Version 4.1
Vertex Shader Version 4.1
Hardware T & L Yes
Vendor ID 10DE
Device ID 0A70
Plug and Play ID VEN_10DE&DEV_0A70&SUBSYS_14C21043&REV_A2
Driver Version
Video Card 2 Intel(R) HD Graphics
Manufacturer Intel
Chipset Intel(R) HD Graphics
Dedicated Memory 16 MB
Total Memory 16 MB
Pixel Shader Version 4.0
Vertex Shader Version 4.0
Hardware T & L Yes
Vendor ID 8086
Device ID 0046
Plug and Play ID VEN_8086&DEV_0046&SUBSYS_14C21043&REV_18
Driver Version
Memory 2.0 GB
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 32-bit
Service Pack 1
Size 32 Bit
Edition Ultimate
Version 6.1.7601
Locale 0409
BIOS BIOS Date: 10/30/09 15:13:23 Ver: 08.00.10
Version American Megatrends Inc. K42Jc.208
Manufacturer American Megatrends Inc.
Date 10/30/09
Display Maximum Resolution 1024 x 768
Sound Device 1 Realtek High Definition Audio
Driver Version
Sound Device 2 Intel(R) Display Audio
Driver Version 6.1.7600.16385
Drive 1
Size 119.2 GB
Free 21.1 GB
Drive 2
Size 178.8 GB
Free 18.8 GB

Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16721
Chrome 30.0.1599.101
Java 7.0.450
DirectX 11.0
.NET 3.5.30729.5420
Adobe PDF Reader

Also, will re-installing Windows fix this?
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    I would start with a malwarebytes scan then an antivirus scan.

    I have no Malwarebytes-related program installed and I can't install anything in Safe Mode. I have cleaned my system with AV.
  2. I tried a solution provided by another thread from tom's (msconfig.exe>boot>adv. options>max. memory) and set it to 500MB and found out that Windows (without any applications running) could run at it in Safe Mode (about 400MB with Chrome). Then I set it to 2000MB and it Windows could run at 300-400MB in Safe Mode. Then I tried to launch Windows normally but the problem is still there, Windows would use 1600MB and it will keep rising until everything freezes because there's no Free/Available memory left. Help please..
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