Screen freezing issues after changing videocard.

I recently changed my PC's videocard.It now has GeForce GTX 460 SE (768 mb and second hand).However, I noticed that sometimes when I turn on the PC after it hasn't been turned on in a couple of days,my desktop freezes for 4-5 seconds without the issue being the PC "thinking" or processing anything.When this first appeared,I also rebooted the PC, and after the "Windows is shutting down" message, it rebooted, but stayed a couple of seconds longer on black screen than it usually does.I rebooted it several more times and the issue didn't appear.Any idea what these issues are caused by?They didn't appear before I changed the videocard.Are they fatal or they aren't anything serious?They happen very rarely.I also forgot to mention that I cleaned my PC with a can of compressed air 3 days ago, but I am pretty sure I haven't messed up anything in the hardware.
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  1. What gpu did you use before? Did you uninstall the display driver before installing this card?
  2. I had a Geforce 8800 GT (512 mb).I don't know if the old driver was removed, since I brought it to service and they put the new one.It has a new driver installed for the card, but don't know about the old one being removed.How can I check?In Add/Remove Programs?
  3. Yeah you should download the driver from, go to control panel and uninstall the current display driver (make sure not to uninstall anything besides the display), restart and install the driver.

    Alternatively, if you paid someone to install it for you then make them fix it.
  4. Well, it seems that the old driver was uninstalled.In Add/Remove programs only the new one was available.However, I reinstalled it, just in case.Will see what will happen.Like I said, the problem happens rarely.Any other ideas what the issue might be?Should I install the last version of the driver which is "Game Ready" type (for increased performance on certain games).Will this serve as a base driver with the main things included (Graphics, etc.)?Thank you.
  5. You should always install the newest driver version.
  6. But is it that GeForce Game Ready driver containing the important graphics stuff for my videocard (so that I can use it for a base driver after an OS clean reinstall), or it is just for improving games?
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