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My best bet for SSD? + CPU cooler question

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November 8, 2013 10:51:14 AM

Okay so I havent looked very deep into SSDs but basically every one I seem to look at (at least the ones Newegg are offering as part of their Black November deals) wants to use SATA 3 and apparently my new build doesnt have SATA 3 :( , so can I still grab these SATA 3 drives anyway and hook them up to SATA 2 ports? Or Im assuming a straight up SATA 2 SSD exists and am I better off that route? How does that work? If you guys could provide me with my best option for my current build I would be very thankful! Budget in mind! Also what size SSD do I want? Im figuring just a 128gb. Im just an internet guy thatll be doing a little bit of gaming once I purchase my GPU. How does sizing work by the way, the bigger it is, the faster it is? So a 256gb SSD = twice as fast as 128gb SSD or is that not how it works? Heres my build for determining my best SSD choices
(PSU replaced with CORSAIR CX600)

Lastly, what are the odds I am able to fit a cooler master 212 evo cooler in my case?
(case specs)
(cooler specs)

So when I measure the case I get slightly more than 7 inches just like it states in the measurements above. Im not sure how to read the fan measurements and am unable to tell if my answer lies within them, all I know is I measured from where the surface that touches the CPU is til where the tips of the copper pipes are coming out the end of the heatsink, and I got 6.25 inches. So what do you think? Is 3 quarters of an inch enough to work with considering the motherboard is using some of that room too? Time for a new case or what? It is kind of a cheap case, it was included in my combo, but it didnt turn out to be that bad of a case. I started looking into how much better and nicer they can get and do have plans to buy another one in the near future anyway. But this one serves its purpose well for the time being thats for sure. Im going to be upset if it dont fit my cooler though. Ill have to wait until I get a new case I guess. Even if it did fit it, itll obviously JUST fit it by a hair, and that might not be the best thing either? Your thoughts? Thanks guys.

November 8, 2013 11:02:16 AM

what motherboard do you have? i don't see a new build would only have sata 2 on it.
November 8, 2013 11:05:29 AM

SATA2 and SATA3 are perfectly compatible, you just get half as much maximum throughput. But that's okay, it's still going to be a huge improvement over a hard drive.

Larger versions of the same SSD are generally faster than smaller versions, but between models it doesn't always work that way. A 256 GB SSD isn't going to be twice as fast as a 128 GB SSD though.
November 8, 2013 11:08:04 AM

getochkn said:
what motherboard do you have? i don't see a new build would only have sata 2 on it.

It's one of the FX-compatible motherboards that use the ancient 760G chipset. That's why there's no SATA3.