Confused about Power supply 12v rails

I have a antec EA430D that has 2 12v rails both at 17A, I wanted to run a 7790 but I came across this info for my psu: Dual 12V outputs: 12V2 for Motherboard and peripherals; 12V1 for processor

Can someone explain to me how multiple 12v rails work and if my PSU can run the 7790? thanks.
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    Multiple +12V rails are splits from a single +12V to provide safety in OCP. This prevents a single rail from carrying so much current that it gets too hot. But to calculate, you would still need to know the total current for the +12V rail. In your case, there's a footnote in the PSU that says that the combined +12V cannot exceed 384W. In other words, your PSU has a total current rating of 32A on the +12V rail. That's more than sufficient to run your HD 7790.
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