Ubuntu 12.10 Install Problems on UEFI Motherboard

I need someone who is trained in the arts of Ubuntu.

I am trying to install Ubuntu on a secondary HDD I picked up, and I am having difficult times.
I have the AsRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard, and I believe that may be the problem.
HOWEVER, it may also be my video card (GTX 770) or a combination of the two.

I have been searching the interwebs for hours trying to locate a fix for this.

Apparently it is very difficult to install Ubuntu (or any Linux distro for that matter) onto an HDD that is connected to a UEFI motherboard. I have no idea how to get around this and am very confused. Any insight into the matter would be greatly appreciated!

Also I will reiterate a couple details:
-Trying to install Ubuntu 12.10.
-I have an AsRock Z77 Extreme4 MOBO, which happens to be a UEFI MOBO.
-My video card is an EVGA Geforce GTX 770.
-When I attempt to install using WUBI, I encounter one of two errors when switching between the different install methods:
1. I get a black screen with a purple line on the left side and a command line type of screen but no commands execute.
2. I get a completely black screen, and a command line interface. Dozens of commands execute, but it hangs on a command that says "switched to clocksource tsc" then continues. It finally stops execution at the following command: "ata8: hard resetting link".

Before you suggest it, hard drive failure is not a problem, because I have tried it with multiple disks.

Here is some of the research I have done, take a look if you think it will help.
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    1.) ubuntu 12.10 is depreciated. Either use 12.04LTS or use latest 13.10 release. Given your mobo/gtx770 are pretty new, you might want opt for 13.10 for better hardware support.

    2.) Do not use ever use WUBI. Its buggy and provides garbage performance.

    3.) Burn the iso to CD or use LiLi (or similar tool) to make a live usb and install using one of these mediums.
    Or just run it live from the CDrom/USB.
  2. Newer versions of Ubuntu work great on UEFI motherboards, older ones can be tempermental. You've got two practical options basically, either:

    1. Use a newer version of Ubuntu

    2. Go into the BIOS setup and there should be an option to disable UEFI to support "legacy" operating systems.
  3. Ubuntu 12.04 just dropped into my UEFI-mobo MSI Z77A-gd55. But, only AFTER I backed-down from a modern GPU ... the EVGA_gt650x2g failed and I was forced to an MSI_430.
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