Can a RAM drive get put into virtual memory?

Is there something that stops a RAM drive being put into virtual memory?

I assume it's totally separate from other windows processes and so this cannot happen.

Obviously you wouldn't want it to.
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  1. You would never want a ram drive to be put into virtual memory.
    Microsoft windows uses virtual memory.
    What it in fact means is when system memory is quiet low the existing
    Data is written to a part of the hard drive while windows in in use.
    This is to free the system memory up so another program can be loaded in to it.

    You would never want a Ram drive to be put in Virtual memory as it is about 1000 times slower, due to the nature of mechanical hard drives.

    Virtual memory is a part of windows and only reserved for windows to use it anyway.

    When it comes to a ram disk, anything in it is imaged or copied to a file of the hard drive.

    The image of the last contents of the drive are then re loaded back to the
    Allocated ram disk you created after windows has loaded.
  2. Yeah lol I know.

    I was just making sure that it wasn't possible. As in it's something I want to avoid. "Obviously you wouldn't want it to."

    what with the Ram drive not being governed by Windows itself I'm just asking if with some Ram Drive software could this happen by accident and then obviously slow your PC down.
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