I have a dell inspiron 5305.can i replace my bad foxconn g33m02 mother board with a supermicro mbd-c2sbc-q-0.

need help fixing my broken pc
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    The Dell uses a microATX board and that supermicro is a ATX board which is larger.
    Also even if the supermicro is microATX it still won't work.
    The I/O ports on the case are cut outs, it's not a I/O plate that can be changed.
    Get the same board from Dell.
  2. Just want to add one thing - if you decide to get Dell replacement MOBO, get G33M03, 03 supporting quad q6600. 02 only for c2d.
  3. IMO, that system it outdated. Might as well get a new system.
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