no bios overclock available for fx6350

Hey guys need some advice please installed my fx6350 yesterday and decided to see what I could push it to however in the bios my multiplier seems to now be redundant/unchangeable? Rest of my spec is as follows
Mobo 970A-UD3 (rev3 0)
8 gig corsair vengeance 1600 ram
128 gig ssd (windows)
750gig sata
750w psu
Also liquid stock cooler on cpu.
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    Did you enter the value and then hit enter, or is greyed out? If it's greyed out or just disabled, see if there is an option to change it from automatic to manual, try turning off power saving settings, etc.
  2. It was me being a noob tgouhht I had to hit enrer ine last time to change the values when all that was required was to press the + or - to change values :p thanks for the response .
  3. No problem, it happens.
  4. Wow my phones predictive really went for it there lol
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