Good Budget AMD Mobo To Go With FX-8320

Hey what's up guys, how are you? :)
I need advice in buying a AMD mobo for my CPU. My budget for the mobo is $130.
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    Probably this

    990FX chipset gives you 2x16 times lanes in case you want to crossfire later and good vrm's for overclocking. pair that with a good cooler and you should easily be able to overclock to 4ghz and probably closer to 4.5ghz
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    I think I am not going to OC my CPU, because it has this thing called Turbo-Core.
    Turbo-Core can already reach 4GHz.
    And I am not so big fan about crossfire. It is cool, but there is cons. So, is this mobo still the best one for me?
    (do keep in mind what I said)
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