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Looking for a Linux distro to be rid of Windows 7

I bought an HP Mini 210 Netbook because it had a SIM slot but the slot was a dummy! I put the thing away for about a year because I was so vexed. I remembered that the machine was 32 bit and used an Atom processor but false memory made me think that it used to run Windows XP. I kept rolling it back hoping that XP would appear instead of Win 7 Home Premium but there was no such luck. Instead a message appeared "Enter password, hint woof". The seller had left a password on it! It now looked like FORMAT C:/S but then I saw the invitation to "Restore your machine to its out of the box condition." When this was tried Windows 7 Starter replaced Windows 7 Home Premium and in the UK there is a £70 price difference! (about $110 US) With the SIM slot problem, the password problem and now the Win 7 Starter problem I'm extremely vexed.

I just want to stop donating money to Windows programs all of which are tailored to to have a shelf life so that they will not run legacy software.

Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated (the Netbook has hardly been used so it would be a shame to bin it)
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  1. Ubuntu!

    I had a version that even ran off of the DVD-ROM disc a couple years ago with an impressive boot time.
  2. There are dozens...hundreds...of different Linux distros. Personally, I'm a fan of LinuxMint.

    But to your original Netbook appears that it was originally installed with Windows 7 Starter. And a "Restore" would bring back that original Windows 7 Starter.

    And was that a SIM slot, or an SD card slot?
  3. The main difference you'll notice is the desktop, what it looks like and how to you find and navigate to your files and programs.
    If it is XP you feel comfortable with the Mint is a good choice as it has a similar but more updated look and feel. I use Ubuntu because I like it and it's next issue will be what they call a convergence edition meaning that the software that'll run on it will run on the phone/pad version as well, the idea being similar looks but optimized for the hardware. I like that. All software that runs on ubuntu also runs on mint, in fact you can install one and then download the desktop of the other and switch between them as you wish. For reviews go to
  4. I'd say load ubuntu and linux mint onto a usb and try both of them our for a while, play around with it, see which one you prefer.
  5. yeah there's no "best distro" for all situations. I'd say Ubuntu or Xbuntu would be good for a "mini" sized system. I run vanilla Ubuntu on my Dell Mini 9 and it runs pretty nice.
  6. I would go with Ubuntu for netbook applications. I ran both Mint and Ubuntu at different times on my Asus netbook and Ubuntu's launcher was much easier than the traditional Windows style of Mint. Can't go wrong with either one. Go for it and don't look back. Bill Gates does not need any more of your money.
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