GeForce Gigabyte VS MSI VS Zotac -- GTX770 4GB or ATI r9 290, 280x?

Which one should I choose? I am going to SLI in 2 years time. In my country, they are priced around the same with Gigabyte - RM1500, Zotac RM1469 and MSI at RM1380
***but Zotac comes with 3 Splinter Cells (Compilation) and Batman Arkham Origin while others don't. ***

Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB



Thanks in advance.

current system
processor - I5 i2400
motherboard - GA-H61N-USB3 blend
Power Supply - Sugo SG07 600W PSU **
ram - 8GB DDR3 1333
case - sugo sg07 mini-itx.

so my question is : Will r9 290 or 280x overheat my system? Can my PSU handle them?? (ATI's GPUs have poorer cooling and power consumption than NVDIA RIGHT?)
Regarding my SLI-ing in the future, I will change the whole system components and case to a large ATX 2-3 years later, so it won't be a problem.

The Sapphire r9 290 cost around RM1670 here. Shall I wait for VAPOR or TOXIC version first?

Sapphire r9 280x TOXIC cost RM1260 while VAPOR RM1200

PS: I am not rushing to upgrade my system. Able to hold for a few weeks.
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  1. Personally, I would go for the Gigabyte, factory overclocked, but cant be overclocked further, personally I dont like overclocking, if it has been done already, then I prefer those.
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    uhhh.... those prices are ridiculous.... you can get an r9-290 for that price and have about 30% more performance. or just get a 280x for $300. the 770 only pumps out maybe 3-5 fps more than a 760 in the top 5 most popular games... for the $130 price over a $250... i call that a rip off. if you absolutely have to have a 770... i would go with the msi as they have a 3 year warranty and have one of the best coolers on the market with the twin frozr.
  3. If you want a 770 go with the Asus.
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