New EVGA GTX 770 w/ ACX Cooling, not recognized by ANY Nvidia drivers

Just installed my new GTX 770 and powered up to find that neither the included CD drivers or the official Nvidia drivers recognize this device.

Every install stops with this message:

"The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware"

Both the 6-pin and 8-pins from my PSU are in the card, I've tried both available PCI slots to no avail.

The card doesn't move an inch upon powering up the computer, no fans going or anything.

Any recommendations?

EDIT: It appears the cause of the problem is that my SATA ports on my motherboard collide with the end of my card when attempting to install it, which prevents the card from being secured properly into the PCI slot. This seems near impossible to fix. Is there any way to safely remove a SATA port from a motherboard without damaging it?
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  1. make sure both the PSU strips are firmly plugged in... and make sure they both work. That same thing happened to me and that was the problem. Otherwise your card may be defective.
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    I doubt the card is being blocked by the SATA port. It may come close, or even tough it but the motherboard would not have been designed in this fashion.

    It does sound like it's not inserted fully though, but I'm not sure how else to help. If stuck, try doing this OUTSIDE THE CASE being carefuly to place on a cushioned surface for the motherboard with the anti-static bag for the motherboard to sit on.
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