All games crash to desktop.

So, I recently brought my computer into a PC repair place and got my liquid cooling torn out and put fans in. But the problem is (and this was happening before the cooling got taken out) I've tried every game I have almost, including steam and they all crash and steam doesn't even launch. This is so frustrating i've even cleaned out my GPU. And looked at many forums. Can anyone help?
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  1. Could be a bad GPU.
  2. stress test each part of your PC, Prime95 for CPU, memtest86 for ram, furmark for GPU, this way you'll find out if any of those components is the culprit.

    Alternatively, this could be a software-related issue, start with a registry clean with CCleaner and if furmark fails with the GPU try reinstalling the drivers (uninstall them properly with DriverCleaner Pro) before jumping into a hardware-fail related conclusion.
  3. I would suspect your said before...stress test
  4. PSU issues I would think shut downs not crash to desktop which I have seen with a message saying that graphics driver failed and was reset on two cards, both turned out to have failing Vram.
  5. Best thing to do is backup all data and reinstall windows.
    Steam games can be backup too, so that you won't need to download them again. Just go into steam and select backup games.
  6. rolli59 said:
    Could be a bad GPU.

    Could it be because my card only has 256 mb of vram? here is the GPU data from GPU shark

    GPU Shark v0.7.3
    (C)2013 Geeks3D -
    Elapsed time: 00:01:13
    OpenGL memory - total:256MB, usage:120MB
    GPU 1 - NVIDIA Quadro FX 570
    - GPU: G84
    - Bus ID: 3
    - Device ID: 10DE- 40E
    - Subvendor: NVIDIA (10DE- 474)
    - Driver version:
    - NV driver branch:
    - OS: Windows XP 32-bit
    - Bios version: 60.84.6a.00.11
    - GPU memory size: 0MB
    - Bus width: 128-bit
    - GPU memory location: GPU dedicated
    - GPU memory type: DDR2
    - GPU temp: 69.0°C (min:69.0°C - max:74.0°C)
    - Fan speed: 60.0%
    - GPU cores: 16
    - TPC: 1 (NV)
    - TPC mask: 0001 (NV)
    - SM: 1 (NV)
    - SP: 16 (NV)
    - Performance states: 2
    - Performance state P0 (current)
    - GPU: 460.0MHz
    - Mem: 400.0MHz
    - VDDC: 1.200V
    - Performance state P12
    - GPU: 208.0MHz
    - Mem: 100.0MHz
    - VDDC: 1.200V
    - True current clock speeds / VDDC:
    - Core: 459.0MHz
    - Mem: 399.0MHz
    - VDDC: 1.200V
    - GPU and memory usage:
    - GPU: 3.0%, max: 74.0%
    - GPU memory: 46.7%
    - GPU memory controller: 7.0%
    - Limiting policies (NVIDIA):
    - no limitation
  7. Best answer
    I think it is more likely that the card is failing, it is a work station card never intended for gaming getting old as well.
  8. rolli59 said:
    I think it is more likely that the card is failing, it is a work station card never intended for gaming getting old as well.

    Okay, I was thnking about getting a new one. Most likely the GTX 650 Ti Boost.
  9. Much better gaming card!
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