How should I buy my ram?

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    According to the specs listed, you currently have 4Gb of DDR3 RAM at 1333MHz. Typically you'll want RAM that matches the MHz speed. You're motherboard is set up to use 1066 or 1333 RAM. You're running windows 7 64-bit so you can max out at 16GB of RAM for this board.

    If you have one RAM card, I would find another stick of RAM that is 4GB DDR3-1333.

    If your PC currently has 2 RAM sticks, I would find 2 2GB sticks of DDR3-1333 RAM. You can find these sold together and is better as they are matched in timing as well.
  2. You must find a 1)PC3-10600 @ 1333 MHz Ram or 2)PC3-8500 @ 1066 MHz Ram which can be 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB card for single slot.

    You can look for brands like corsair, kingston, crusial, G.skill, Patriot, etc.

    Pair the ram cards, like if you have two card in total, install either in blue colored slots or in black, so it will work in Dual channel configuration.

    if you have got three ram cards then pair two in one colored slot and the other ram in the other colored slot.

    These are some recommendations

    This below are kits of two 2Gb rams

    like these you can find for a single 4GB ram or 2x2GB ram kit

    Also you can have maximum of 16Gb ram only

    Do not buy a ECC Ram(Check the specification before you buy)
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