I3 2100 3.10GHz good for gaming?

i have I3 2100 3.10GHz and im going to buy GTX770 or 780, now i want to know how much my cpu will bottleneck, i know its not good for gaming and maybe at july 2014 ill replace it, but for now will it affect alot in gaming?
thank you very much :)
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  1. CASE 1:
    i3 + GTX 770: Will not bottle neck on high settings, though slight bottle neck at ultra settings but not significant.

    CASE 2:
    i3 + GTX 780: Will bottle neck at high settings but not significant. Will bottleneck at ultra settings but significant!
  2. It will bottleneck in CPU intensive games like Planetside 2 or Metro, being a decent dual core isn't really enough anymore, it will suffer in multi-threaded applications and especially since games are starting to take advantage of more cores. Upgrading to an i5 Sandy/Ivy bridge would be your best option

    As you tone down settings and resolution you'll see clearer bottlenecks since the GPU is under less load and your CPU will be under more stress

    Won't be too big a of a bottleneck in most other cases where games are GPU intensive

    BF4 is an example where a bottleneck would happen, could be worse :P

  3. mayble ill upgrade my cpu later on, and im not going to play 1920x1080 most of the time, i have two screens and my main one is 1280x1024...
    im not bf or crysis or metro fan, i want batman, mafia, gta and ofcourse skyrim with graphic mods
    how much my cpu will bottleneck
  4. Depends how CPU intensive the game is, I believe skyrim with graphic mods on max settings will probably be bottlenecked by the CPU.

    That CPU should last you a while though so you'd still get pretty decent performance out of your system.
  5. rolandzhang3 said:
    Depends how CPU intensive the game is, I believe skyrim with graphic mods will be bottlenecked by the CPU.

    are you sure? cause i checked and i know graphics mods run on the gpu...
    im going to play some cod ghosts maybe too
  6. Best answer
    I found a bit on Skyrim CPU scaling, not bad. The CPU has two pretty powerful cores so Skyrim should be fine.

    And yes the graphical mods add more stress to the GPU by using more VRAM so the CPU wouldn't be bottlenecking more with that, it's just the game itself at maxed settings would stress your CPU a fair bit,3074-9.html,3427-6.html

    Cod Ghosts optimization is rough around the edges to say the least, but you'll be fine with playing it maxed though
  7. okay thank you very much! :)
  8. Just go for the best card your budget allows, later on you can get a Sandy/Ivy Bridge i5 and squeeze the most performance out of your system.

    Have fun until then :D
  9. hi, i found this discussion and i hope nobody mind if i tag a long.
    i have a plan to build a gaming pc, not to powerful but i expect it to play the new games and last at least a few more years until i have the fund to upgrade it. like zoxim951 i hope to build it around intel i3.
    I have no knowledge about bottleneck and how to spot it while playing games though, anyone care to explain? :)
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