Intermittently unable to connect to CERTAIN sites only (Google, Facebook, Twitter)

I have this weird internet connectivity issue on my Windows 7 desktop that has been driving me crazy for months. It took a lot for me to finally come to my wits' end and create an account here to seek some help.

I have a relatively fast Comcast connection (averaging 60Mbps/10Mbps/10ms ping) through my Trendnet 802.11ac router and Edimax USB adapter. However, multiple times per day I get this intermittent issue where certain websites become inaccessible or extremely slow. They are high-profile sites like Google (including Gmail, Google Maps, and other Google services), Facebook, Bank of America, Twitter, and others. When this happens, the sites don't give any sort of error message, but they simply endlessly sit there loading while the browser status bar reads, "Waiting for" or "Waiting for" or the like. This will go on for minutes or long periods of time, and what is crazy is that when this happens, other sites (such as and are completely fine and load quickly as they should. I spend most of my workdays at the computer and find myself regularly having to switch over to search with Bing because Google search has slowed to a crawl. When these issues happen, a quick check of shows that the sites are fine, shows that my internet connection is fine, and my download speeds are top-notch.

I normally use Google Chrome, but the issue is not browser-specific. It applies not only to Google Chrome but to Firefox, IE11, and Opera. However, it doesn't seem to be my router, because when the issue is occurring my Android smartphone, on the same wireless network, can access the sites just fine.

Here are the things I've tried already, to no avail:
- clearing all user data in my browser
- uninstalling/reinstalling Google Chrome browser
- switching from Chrome beta to stable channel
- removing all Chrome extensions
(the preceding steps were all before I deduced that the issue is cross-browser)

- ipconfig /flushdns
- switching DNS servers to Google DNS, OpenDNS, and finally local DNS servers (on both PC and in router admin)
- disabled teredo tunneling interface (this broke something so I had to re-enable it)
- deleting Windows hosts file
- running antivirus scans
- resetting cable modem
- resetting router
- disabling/re-enabling wireless network adapter
- I've even tried running tracert when the issue is happening, and the response times to seem normal. Yet I could not get any browser to connect to

So the issue is not browser-specific, and it occurs only my desktop PC and no other devices (Macbook, Android smartphone, tablet, wife's iPhone, all connected to the same wireless access point).

What on earth am I missing?? Any ideas?

My setup:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Service Pack 1
Intel Core i5-2500 3.3Ghz quad-core CPU
Two SSD drives
Edimax AC1200 Wireless USB Adapter (dual band 802.11ac)
Trendnet AC1750 (TEW-812DRU) Dual Band Wireless 802.11ac Router

EDIT: Somebody must have an idea, somewhere. Should I talk to my internet provider? Replace my wireless router or adapter? Setup a virtual machine with a fresh OS install and see if it persists there? Please help!
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  1. I encountered a similar problem. I couldn't access sites like Google, YouTube, and Yahoo; they'd just time out. Most other sites worked fine. Tried everything you tried, too.

    The only thing that eventually worked for me was uninstalling Avast antivirus. Dunno why.
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