Computer shuts off after 10 seconds of booting

Hello, all.
Before this happened, I had upgraded a single graphics card to dual nvidia graphic cards for sli capability. It worked fine for the rest of the night and I shut it off to go to sleep. I wake up the next morning and the PC turns off after 10 seconds of booting up. I thought the issue here was the power supply since the two graphics cards may have been too much for it to handle and it eventually screwed up. My PSU was 500 watts and I bought a 750 watt corsair power supply. The problem still persisted.

The processor fan attempts to spin once, stops for half a second and starts spinning successfully. Then it stops after a couple of seconds later. I tried using different types of RAM's and a different graphics card and it didn't work. Finally, I disconnected everything and only left 2GB of ram, the processor and the power supply and it gave me the same result.

The only (at least I think) thing that could be the culprit is the motherboard or my processor. My processor is an i7 Ivy Bridge 3770k and my motherboard brand is Gigabyte. I'm not sure what the actual model for my motherboard is but if needed, I'll look for the box. I've also tried pressing that red power switch on the motherboard and nothing changes. What do you guys think I should do?

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  1. Look if all cables and connectors are all well attached.

    Look if the cpu cooler is well attached.

    Reset the bios to it's optimal default values.
    A clear cmos might be better,reset after that the bios to it's optimal default values and check time and date.
    A clear cmos is done by moving the right jumper or taking the motherboard battery of the board for a longer period (i understand half an hour) and with that the pc totally of the power=plug out of the wall.
    Which jumper you can find in the manual for your board.

    Don't forget after resetting the bios to save with F10+Y
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