how to fix my hard drive

both my laptop freeze up after i log in.. i have no clue what is going on. . i spent the whole day just trying to get in the controll panel to recover my system.. now both are saying my validation keys are invalid. and still freeze within sec of running.. i cant do anything on it without it freezin, not even shut it down, cant back-up files, nothing but sit and watch my hour glass turn.. both computer sound pretty loud as if the hard drive is running full speed.. the computers wont even put it self to sleep. i have to either pull all power sources or wait for the battery to drain... what can i do? im close to just taking a hammer to them, but that wont solve anything & would put me in a loss on two computers that was running just fine the night before... one's a Hp pavilion entertainment pc and the other is a hp com...
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  1. Legal copies of Windows are installed on them, right?
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