msi nvidia 760 4gb gaming edition good for bf4 On ultra settings

hi is this card good for high end gaming with no lag
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    I don't know about ultra setting but I don't see the point of getting a 4GB one on 760.
    Are you playing on 1080p? How many display?
    Either way, you'll see little to no difference.
  2. i am using only one monitor and will be playing in 1080p
  3. Yea, you won't need the 4GB version. Waste of money.
    Go for the 2GB and call it a day.
  4. This benchmark was taken right after the launch of BF4

    54fps at reference speed, at Ultra 1920x1200 (Singleplayer timedemo)

    With an overclocked card and 4GB vram, it will be better.
    At the slightly lower resolution of 1920x1080, it will be better.
    With updated and optimized graphic drivers, it will be better.
    With game updates and bug/performance fixes, it will be better.

    In multiplayer however, performance will take a hit. The extra vram will be beneficial as whole maps and many more objects will be loaded.
  5. ok do u think i should go with the 770 or 760 because i want to play on ultra
  6. Get the 770 if you can.
    It's worth it.
  7. Get a 770, R9 280X, or HD 7970 GHz, whichever is cheaper form where you buying.
  8. ill go with the 770 and i might later install a second card
  9. Thanks all very much
  10. Late reply haha :P
    Anyway, i would go with the 770 and SLI it in a year or 1 of 2
  11. This is late and all but, this may sound pretty beta because im only just coming to terms with pc gaming.
    I could probably be so wrong as to say isn't 4gb better for gaming than 2gb because it runs twice as fast?
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