Core i5 3337U + HD 7670m vs Intel Core i3 + HD 8730m for gaming + general use

Hello everyone, as the title says it all. I'm getting a new laptop for university work and I want to do general gaming on it like CS:GO (on high-med settings 80+ fps) and other RTS games like Stronghold 3 and upcoming Stronghold Crusaders 2. My budget is limited and I can't use amazon, newegg etc. I have two choices here

1) Core i5 3337U + HD 7670m

2) Core i3 + HD 8730m

But I'm confused. Which one should I buy? my main concerns are University work (I'm a computer science student) and CS:GO with high fps (because I play competitive CS:GO)
Also tell me your views about Dell inspiron series is it a good buy?
I can also get this HP one but they don't offer local warranty for this model.
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  1. Both are okay, but I have doubts for it because its an integrated GPU.

    CS : GO on both system would run 60fps on medium to low. A radeon 5450 (I have one for backup) can do it so my guess it will run around that framerate but I'm not 100% sure.

    If your planning to use this to play CS : GO and other source based games, both laptops are great but the one with the i5 is the best.
  2. The i5 CPU is the better choice, but you could find better laptops.
    The HP laptop is the best over all out of the ones you have listed. It will have significantly better graphics and CPU performance.
    I will rank them a little to help.


    Dell i5
    Dell i3

    However you should consider other choices. I am not sure the price, but I think you could still fine better systems, but honestly the HP should perform really excellent. I normally refuse to buy Dell or HP, but the HP in terms of CPU and graphics power outperforms my Samsung laptop, and I am able to play modern games like Bioshock Infinite on mostly medium settings.

    As for graphics performance, don't judge based off the 5450, which is vastly inferior. The graphics in the laptops you listed, even the worst one, will run circles around a 5450.
  3. Both are okay but I'd suggest the first one as it has a better CPU.
  4. Comparatively, the last one from HP has way more CPU power. The others are very weak in comparison.
  5. Thanks all for your replies. I'm personally thinking to buy the HP one but the problem is that they are available in international warranty. In case anything went wrong I will have to send them to other countries for warranty claim. What do you guys say now?
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    I heard you earlier when you said it was under international warranty only, and I still think you should get it. The power it has over the others is pretty considerable and a much better buy.

    Worst case scenario I would think is it comes bad, which doesn't happen a lot. In that case you have to send it off. If it doesn't come bad, as long as you are careful and don't drop it chances are the warranty will run out before you ever need anything done to it.

    The performance gap is so severe I would advise looking into completely different systems before considering the other two.
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