How to Fix BSoD? does installing a downloaded Win 7 help?

i have a HP Pavilion g6
my cousin who is about 11 years old kept playing on my laptop every time i go to my partr time job. one morning, i reached home my cousin was asking me what happened to my laptop since it cant get through. it had a BSoD unmountable boot volume and i dont know what to do with it so i searched on the internet on how to fix it but failed. it confused wether as to the HDD or the OS is faulty so i tried re-installing my OS by downloading a win 7 and burnt it on a disc but it cant get through. im stuck with "setup is starting.." so im left with no choice. anyone can help me please? thank you very much
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    You can start by testing the hard drive with a bootable CD containing the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS. The links are here:
  2. could be bad hd
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