how Can I Restore old user account without using system restore

I accidently deleted my administrator account to use a new cleaner one. I did it without transferring any of my important files to my flash drive. And I'm a writer, so I lost files for an important project I've been working on. Please Help me, if you know anything.

PS: my computer won't let me download anything, it keeps saying, [b]"Anti-virus software failed unexpectedly while scanning this file." which make s it impossible for me to download. So please help me.
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  1. I think your only chance, a slim one, is to try file recovery software, free ones listed here:

    How much, if anything, the software is able to recover data intact depends on several factors but mainly on how long you've been writing to the drive since the files were deleted, since I'm sure you realise that, over time, old files are overwritten by new ones. Ideally, recovery should be attempted immediately after deletion.

    For your antivirus problem I suggest you first uninstall it, then re-install it. Do that first if it's hampering your ability to download stuff.
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