Looking for a good but fairly priced graphics card?

Im looking for a decent card but cant afford a huge amount. I mainly play train and bus sims. Any help which one to get would be lovely. It needs to support hdmi and im looking at geforce nvidia.
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  1. Either of these cards should play those games without any problem, they both support HDMI so that shouldn't be a worry


    If you think that's a bit overkill you could always step down to a regular GTX 650 Ti which isn't really worth it :P

  2. hwcompare is a synthetic benchmark site which is not indicative of real world performance

    The 650 Ti Boost and 7850 perform just about the same

    Here's a benchmark from real gaming performance


    That 7850 is also sold out, this Asus version has a much better cooling solution


    If you'd like to step up, this 7870 is also a great choice

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