New build, PC will not post, MoBo or CPU issue

I'm new to PC building so let me know if I sound dumb at any point.
I have put together a new gaming PC and it will not post, I have followed through as many threads on this site as I could but I still have no fix.
I have tried everything down to a breadboard set up (CPU, HSF, RAM) And it still will not post.

Hardware for the troubleshoot - Asus M5A78L-M motherboard, Corsair Vengance 4gbx2 CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9R RAM, 600bEvga PSU (600w), FX-6300 black edition CPU, XFX R7950 DD 3gb GPU,

Already tried:
CMOS reset with jumper and battery pull.
Reseat the RAM in every configuration and use different slots.
Reseat CPU
Check all connections again and again
Test with integrated graphics and the the 7950
Tried powering MoBo on anti static bag it came in as not to short it
Replace PSU
Run out of ideas.

The interesting part, and where I'm up to now, I would get a solid red light on LED and no beeps, no display, all fans inc. CPU spin.
Removed all RAM cards and powered on without them, still no display, 3 beeps (one long two short) sound for RAM error (double checked beep codes on ASUS page

Removed CPU but left all ATX and 12v connectors in (RAM still out) and got no beeps again, same as before (to test if I got a different beep code for CPU error)
When I reseated the CPU and RAM cards I just get the RAM beep code, no matter which layout I put the RAM cards in, whether I run 1 or 2.

Checking MoBo guide the exact RAM card is not on the supported list (similar corsair vengance on same frequency are supported)t, it didn't seem to be an issue before I reseated the CPU, which I suspect may also be faulty based on the lack of beep code.

So - the main question, am I missing something stupidly simple or do I get a new stick of low frequency DDR3 on the supported list and a cheap low power semphron processor to check hardware issue? (and possible incompatibility issues with FX processors and that specific ram card in a BIOS update) or just get a new Motherboard?

Please help
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  1. In the toss up between what to change I have gone for Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard, my specific corsair vengeance card is on the qualified vendor list for that one. I also noticed the current mobo support is only SATA II, which will probably give my SATA III hard drive some issues later. Other mobo is going on ebay with no reserve. Will keep the thread updated with the fix.
  2. The red light should tell you where the problem is.
    The first board also has SATA III ports
  3. The board is M5A78L-M/USB3 not the M5A78L-M LX, I should have mentioned that, sorry

    The case LED is connected and shows no lights while the 3 beeps for RAM error sound, when I tested the board with a CPU out before the LED stayed solid red, at the moment, nothing.

    I'm still sold on the motherboard being incompatible with the RAM since its not on the qualified vendors list
  4. Best answer
    There is no way a board maker will test every single ram out there. A ram not on the list doesn't mean it won't work.
    Okay so with the case LED connected, I assume it's them Green for Power and Red for HDD status, it doesn't light up due to motherboard giving ram beep errors.
    But with "CPU out", LED stay solid red. What does it mean "CPU out", did you try to boot up with no CPU installed? If that is true, the solid red light indicates there is no CPU installed. Where is this red light coming from?
    If everything you've tried doesn't work, then it's most likely the board.
    RMA it
  5. Yeah, as a last ditch trouble shoot I ran it without the CPU installed, the red LED light on the case was solid red, no beeps from system speaker at that point (Asus website says 5 short beeps for CPU error), the power light was on, the green light on the motherboard was on.
    If the board is actually faulty then I'm a bit gutted, is it worth or RMA testing or going for the slight upgrade on the Asus M5A97 R2.0, its looking like the board I should have got in the first place.

    Just for reference have I f*****d up and overloaded the mobo by running it with the CPU out?
  6. Shouldn't messed up the board. If your getting a new board, then here is a better one
  7. Ill have a look into it in the morning, thanks for the help
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