I'm confused about the requirements of this GPU, and the specifications of this PSU.

Hey all, I've really narrowed down my PSU search to this one:

It's cheap, looks decent, made by a good company and it's currently on sale now.

I want to get this GPU:

Everything looks good, but there's something about the 12v Rail things... The PSU specs say that it has "40A +12V rails", but the GPU says that it needs 42A.

I'm new to PSUs, and hardware in general so any help would be awesome. I've been looking around at all the PSUs and it seems like most of the are only 40A...

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  1. That is a great choice of PSU. That'll power that card just fine. Go for it.
  2. You'll be fine with that PSU and GPU combination. In fact you'll have quite a bit of headroom.

    When the GPU specs say it requires 42A on +12V rail, it means that you should have a PSU that can supply a total of at least that much current, not that the GPU itself will draw that much current (which would be the equivalent of 500W - no GPU draws that much power).
  3. dottorrent said:
    That is a great choice of PSU. That'll power that card just fine. Go for it.

    What's the 42A thing about though?
  4. 42A means the total amount of Ampere current going down the +12V rail.
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    this psu in fact can do 62,5A on 12V rail total...
    it has 4 virtual 12V rails and each of them could do 40A max...

    in fact you don´t need 750w unit for single gtx770 at all...
    you will be good with 600/650w ...
    48A single 12V rail...
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