4670 vs 4430

does the i5 4670 worth the extra money over the 4430
its about 20% more expensive should i go for it or what ??
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    Intel Core i5 4670 is worth the extra money... It has high better single/multi threaded performance then 4430 and has better memory performance too.. thus its price is high... If you plan overclocking then get i5 4670k....

    What is your main purpose of buying this product? If you are gaming then blindly get i5 4670... If you plan overclocking and gaming then opt for Intel Core i5 4670k....
  2. its for gaming and some light 3d analysis
    but im not planning on overclocking so i'll stick with the 4670
    another question : what do you think best for it the kingston hyperx 2133 mhz 8 GB kit (2X4) or 1600MHz corsair vengence kit
  3. Definitely go 4670. If you want the OPTION to overclock you need the 4670K version (which can be $10-20 more).
  4. If you are opting for Kingston then only go for their SSDs... If you can increase your budget then I would prefer you G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB (4x4GB).... If not then you can stick with Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2x4GB)... But remember if you are gaming go for two sticks of same RAM that would increase your performance by going into DUAL CHANNEL MODE....
    You can go with higher frequency RAM if your motherboard supports it... Best choice would be to go with G.Skill RAMs... They have higher frequency and a good name/level in RAM manufacturing...

    PS: Pick a solution...
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