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Hey guys, I plan on uninstalling my OS soon and I would like to know what would happen to my outlook 2007 folers if I delete outlook. Would the folders (eg. Gaming Emails) be gone when I reinstall outlook? Also, what is the point of archiving?
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    Your Outlook personal folders, messages and contacts are maintained in a 'PST' file (outlook.pst) which is kept separate from the Outlook installation folder. It's located in your user account folder so it doesn't get removed when you uninstall Outlook. It will get removed though if you wipe Windows off the drive, obviously (Technically, you don't "uninstall the OS" as you put it).

    All you need to do therfore is make a backup copy of your PST file and save it to a different drive, but you should be doing that anyway on a regular basis regardless of what you intend to do with your OS installation.

    Archiving can be optionally done automatically after a message reaches a certain age. The idea behind it is that it avoids your inbox becoming jam-packed with old messages that you don't want to delete, which in turn means it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack when you want to check or read a particular message (endless scrolling up & down etc)

    To avoid that, old items are automatically moved to an "Archive" folder (that folder doesn't exist until the first archiving process takes place). This keeps your inbox to a more manageable size.

    Personally I don't use that feature. I prefer to keep my messages under control and delete those I don't need, otherwise you will see your PST file grow to epic proportions which means your backup file will also get bigger and bigger.
  2. Hey, thanks man! I really am uninstalling the OS and I just needed to know what all these things in outlook meant. I appreciate your time to put an answer on this forum :)
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