Problems cpu cooler on my P67 GD55A


I installed a new cpu cooler for a little oc'in

When I switch my computer on, the motherboard keeps resetting it.

My rig: i7 2600k / 8 gb kingstong hyper x 1333.
750 watt. MB P67 GD55A. socket 1155 (B3).

Uninstalled the standard intell cooler and istalled the blizzard T2 cpu cooler with the pasta. Tried the stock cooler again but still the same problem. It keeps going on and off.

What can this be? Power supply? Maybe I didnt install something correctly? Messedd up my processor or mobo?

Checked the memmory and gpu, all seems to be good connected.

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  1. Maybe I didnt connect the pins of the cooler properly, the connections with the arrows on? Push it in and turn to lock it up, right?

    Mayb this can cause the constantly rebooting?
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