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I think I'm having high memory usage but I'm a bit unsure. I run the following hardware setup:

CPU: i5 2500k @ 4.7GHz
HDD (Windows): Intel 510 128GB (has only windows and base programs like Chrome)
Ram: 8GB RipjawsX 1600MHz (7-8-7-24 T2)
GPU: Asus GTX 580

When running nothing other than 8 tabs of Chrome I use about 3GB of memory. With nothing open I use about 2GB. This seems to be a little high. When I run Guild Wars 2 I jump to 5GB and about 65-70% of my memory.

I do use Rainmeter btw, but very minimal, no uses of any widgets or tabs or anything. Just a base overlay. Any help where to start looking into whats causing this (even if it's to tell me it isn't hihg but normal) then I would appreciate it.

Edit- I also turned off the Page File memory.
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  1. You could have unnecessary programs running in the background. Go to Start, type System Configuration. Press enter, go to the Startup Tab, then untick all the programs that you don't use/don't need to run on startup. Restart your computer then hopefully things will get better.
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    Windows (and all other modern OS's) tries to find a use for all of your RAM (free RAM is wasted RAM). Most of what you are seeing is simply a cache of the most commonly and recently accessed data on your system (it learns by watching your activities). Memory used by the cache will be given up to applications on an as needed basis. There's nothing to be concerned about here, just let the OS manage its memory (it does a much better job than you could ever do manually). And whatever you do, NEVER turn the page file off. Windows requires at least a minimal paging file.
  3. Task Manager > Performance > Resource Monitor will provide you with a lot of information about which apps are using what memory.
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