I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the videocard to a multi monitor card and/or if the system will even let it work.

This has plagued me through out all the systems I've had and is the sole reason as to why I don't play FPS games... I was wondering if the system of the PS3 would even know what to do with a card that can support multiple monitors... This question will translate over to the PS4 but since it's not out yet, let's talk PS3... I may have the money to buy 2 systems but not 3, and I know that the high end 670-690 video cards are only about the same price as a new system, so I was hoping there's a card that will fit into my PS3 that supports 3 monitors... IF the system might allow it or NOT, I Challenge someone to make one that people will be able to swap out on the PS4 and work! You will make billions for this card!
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    there is no cards in the ps3 or ps4. they are graphics chips. rsx in the ps3, amd chip in the ps4.

    it can't be done, games aren't made for it, the os isn't made for it, the system isn't made for it. just can't be done.
  2. ok, well gt5 was made for it, you just have to have 3 copies of the game, and 3 PS3 systems
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