How do I use my Sony Bravia TV as an additional display to use with my Macbook air using OSX Mavricks?

I can't find a Sony bluetooth dongle if that's what I need.
My Sony Blu-Ray player is connected to the home wi-fi, so I'm not sure if that might be one way of doing it.
Any help will be really appreciated. I just want to see my Mac display on the tv wirelessly. That's all.
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  1. To display your Mac desktop on your Bravia, both devices must be directly connected to your router/local network, this rules out using the Sony Blu-Ray player. You will need to connect your Bravia to your local network either via a Sony Network Adapter ( or a physical connection (Ethernet Cable). After both are connected, you will need third party software, such as Veebeam ( You may also want to research DLNA and see if it is possible that way, although that is more streaming actual content (Video, Pictures and Music).
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