Flight Simulator X, really low fps (with new graphics card)

Hi guys! I just installed my new graphics card yesterday the AMD 7850 2gb gddr5, on my hp pavilion p7-1234. I have the amd a6-3650, cpu overclocked to 4.0 ghz, and on the game Flight SImulator X i see little to no fps increase. If anyone could tell me why the frames per second has not increased and how to increase the fps, that would be great.

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  1. I haven't gotten ahold of a copy of FSX yet (I'm still trying to figure out how to get the flight yokes and controls to attach to my desk without damaging it) but my guess is that FSX, being an older software application, may not fully utilize your newer setup. As far as increasing FPS I don't know, but is there any lag in performance worth being concerned about?
  2. FSX is a really CPU heavy game, I think. When I run it, it uses 7 of my 8 CPU cores at 100% (even in the menus, I think it might be a slight bug from development?). It's a really CPU heavy simulator, if I recall correctly.

    Your CPU isn't as strong, so I think that could be the issue. Even with an FX 8320 screaming at 4.2 Ghz 100% on 7 cores, I barely get 50 fps, if I remember right. It's been a while since I ran FSX. Also, those Llano chips aren't known for their processing power, although at 4 Ghz they're not as bad.
  3. An AMD graphics card is really bad for FSX, Try to get a NVIDEA one
  4. I think that there is a builtin fps cap in fsx that can be tweaked in the settings panel. Try if you can raise it. I have a pretty old system and I found mine was capped at 17. I raised it and now get a max of 40.
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    CST is right, there are ways of adjusting the maximum FPS. There is also a lot of info online about how to increase frame rates. I have included the link to an old guide about how to do this. While your PC can run rings around what they're dealing with since the info is a bit outdated it still contains some tweaks and things you may want to try with the config file to maximize performance.
  6. I made a youtube video on how to get much better fps in both Fsx and P3D with some simple tweaks. I hope this helps
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