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Hello guys I got this motherboard

and I have 1600 mhz dual channel 2 x 8gb ram corsair venge sticks and I was wanting to upgrade to maybe anywhere from a 4x4gb 2000mhz or 2 x 8gb 2000mhz, but on the board it says itll take 2000 max but it says OC next to it, this confuses me so I thought Id ask, better safe than sorry. I want to put that in my system because I want the extra speed and I have the money to do it.. dont ask why.. its simply because im itching to upgrade my rig and I thought Id do this.. Im looking to spend like, $200 max on the RAM, and 2000 mhz ram is my max, any DIMMS you guys would recommend for a sick price would be great
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  1. it will run at 2000 if you overclock the system but this could work at 1866 without overcloking ,you could go with 2x8 or the 4x4 in dual channel so if a set get defective you will still have 4 gi of memory in a dual channel .
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    Your system already has 16GB of ram. going with 32GB won't benefit too much unless your doing photoshop or similar task.
    Just grab another 2x8GB if you want to max it out.
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