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Hi there
Ongoing problem which i thought was a RAM issue, but my computer takes 2 or 3 attempts to boot from cold. After its been on it will reboot just fine, but from cold, the CPU red LED stays on (doesnt proceed to RAM, back to CPU and then PCI slots), only after rebooting it a few times will it boot properly.

I cant see it being a CPU fault as its an i5 750 thats been in there for nearly 3 years, and definately not a ram problem as its just been replaced. BIOS is up to date.

Really stumped, any suggestions. Like i say, always been like it, but once its booted properly, it flies. :)

Thanks in advance

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  1. Sounds more like a PS problem. PS capacitors are more likely to be intermittent or leaking voltage although still barely working, When cold a fully discharged and slightly leaking cap may be taking a long time to charge. Once it is charged, it is likely to be holding enough of a charge to allow a restart, even though its voltage is slowly leaking. Try another PS, even it if it is undersized, you just a want to start normally to the desktop when cold to prove the original is bad.
  2. Hi and Thanks, Ill see if i can borrow one from somewhere and give it a go. Didnt even think it could be the PSU. Will update and let you know.

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