Intel smart response technology or seperate ssd boot drive and storage hdd

Hey everyone, I'm building a new PC with an ssd finally, I understand adding an ssd to a hdd alone with intel SRT will make it much faster. Will my boot and accessing programs be faster with Intel SRT, or if i keep the ssd separate and didn't use it as cache. From what i understand you install the OS on the hdd and then use the ssd as cache with SRT, although i have a 120gb ssd and only 64gb of that can be used for SRT
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  1. Use you SSD as a separate drive, not as a cache.

    You can have your OS on the SSD and also use a portion of your SSD as a cache, but you are better off loading your most commonly used programs or data there instead.
  2. If you want to cache your HDD, you should probably use another SSD dedicated for that, while keeping a SSD as boot, system, swap, etc. the choice depends also what do you actually do and aim with your computer, using cache for hdd is worth for professional goals.
  3. Definitely keep them separate. SSD for boot drive and most important apps, HDD for everything else.
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