Kaveri vs Haswell and the world..

HSA (heterogeneous system architecture) enabled Kaveri APU has the i7-4770k in its gunsite and ready to shoot it down, this is getting exciting. HSA is the key to Kaveri's performance and we're going to see an APU that's at least twice as powerful as the 6800k, in hybrid crossfire x with a very inexpensive GPU like the R7 260 it'll probably run BF4 maxed out on quad HD monitors while taking a nap, Kaveri has direct access to the GPU's memory pool so it doesn't need a hugely expensive GPU to be extremely good at processing graphics, remember that Kaveri and Steamroller is the successor to Piledriver, then add Fusion and DDR2133 and HSA to the mix and begin to see the big picture, i did and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger..
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  1. Not fussed until I see real-world performance (e.g. game benches) rather than tests. :P
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