It's upgrade time! Advise would be great.

Dear community,

I build my first custom rig in December 2011, since then I haven't really done any alterations to the system and am looking to upgrade. I'm currently running the below mentioned, however want to upgrade some key components to optimise my experience for BF4, new releases and ect.

Om not looking to have a top of the line system. Just want to be getting the most out of the time I spend gaming.

As always your input and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my current setup,

Case |


MB |


Cooling |

HDD | not looking to upgrade got 1 TB
CPU | Intel Core i7-2600k @ 3.4GHz

As always,

Many thanks

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  1. Only thing that could use an upgrade is the graphics card. The rest of your system is still pretty close to top of the line.
  2. aKhan786 said:
    agreed with first solution by sakkura; upgrade the gpu to a 7970 or higher; and overclock the cpu to a very doable 4.5ghz

    Thanks for the information, any good guides for overclocking that you could share, and I was looking at maybe a GeForce 7 series, but I'm really now sure.
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