Windows XP SP3 Wireless Internet Connection Problem

I'm having a problem with a Windows XP SP3 Dell Latitude. I can't connect to my building's wireless internet. I could do it yesterday, but not today. The other three computers I have can all do it, but this one cannot.

I have tried ipconfig /release but keep getting the message that the media is disconnected. I've uninstalled the wireless device and automatically came back up on reboot. I've rebooting probably a dozen times to no avail.

It looks like my computer can "see" the network, but when I try to connect all it does is get to the "waiting for the network..." window and never connects.
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  1. make sure that building's wireless router mode is on 11bgn mood and 1,6, or 11 channel because your laptop is old technology it doesn't support 11n mood and 13 channel.
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