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im building a mini itx pc and getting parts month by month, i already have my motherboard and case which are the silverstone sg05 and the motherboard and the processor i will be getting is a i5 3570k, but my main question is what is the best cpu air cooler under 45 bucks that would fit these, i was considering closed loop water cooling at first but i do not want to risk it leaking because that would be a huge thing to deal with for me. thanks in advance.
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  1. it looks alittle big though are you sure it would fit in the sg05 case
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    Take a look at this guide before building:

    You have a maximum height of 82mm for your CPU Cooler, so the cooler in the video seems OK, but the stock intel cooler should do you fine if you don't plan on overclocking.

    The cooler master one above seems good as well.
  3. i plan on overclocking some thats why im getting a K processor, but the one in the video looks good il try to get it soon.
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