i7 in a cheapo motherboard?

I have a pretty budget orientated motherboard but now that I've come across some savings to upgrade my PC. Would it be a bad idea to put an i7-3770k in a GA-Z77-DS3H? I don't know too much behind the prices of motherboards but I've seen 1155 socket motherboards from $100 to $400. If I have this $100 motherboard will it hold back or limit down my very nice i7?
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  1. In short no,it shouldn't make much of a difference at all.
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    The higher end Asus motherboards are loaded with onboard audio and extra features and are built for extreme overclocking.That is why they cost so much.I have a 130$ motherboard from asrock and it does everything it needs to do,overclocking and all.Be noted that that motherboard says it only supports one graphics card at 16x so if your gonna wanna run crossfire or sli that motherboard isn't the one you wanna be looking at,but if you only plan on one graphics card it wont hold you back.
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