G.Skill Trident 16gb 2400 hz 1.6v problems fitting

Hey guys, In assembling my computer and I accidentally had my CPU cooler (Noctua Dh-14) upside down so I could fit my ram modules. I have the Asus v1 Formula. However after looking at it I realised this is probably a bad Idea. After looking around the internet I found that the red fins are removable and they act as some kind of a heatsink. My question is, do the heatsinks provide any kind of actual performance gain, like do the modules get hot? or is it okay to remove them so my CPU cooler fits in the proper place and I run them underneath?. Im new to computer building.

Also I have the Coolmaster storm stryker case, at the bottom of the case it has anti dust filters etc so I could position the PSU facing downwards. I currently have it facing upwards as I initially thought it would provide better airflow efficiency to the GPU as the GPU blows hot air down, and the PSU sucks it up and then disperses it out the back of the case. So while I'm swapping the CPU cooler to be positioned correctly, I'm wondering if I should also swap the PSU around to intake air from he bottom of the case rather then from inside?.
Cheers, Zac
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    a Noctua NH-D14 and a high profile ram will not fin together, if you want to OC the RAM to 2400 then you should keep the heatsinks, so you either return the rams and get low profile rams, or keep the rams and get a smaller CPU cooler, like the Noctua NH-U12s. and i recommend the latter since these two CPU coolers are both great, unless you are an extreme overclocker and a 100-200Mhz difference is very important to you.
    regarding the PSU, make the fan face the bottom of the case, this will improve the air flow towards the video card.
  2. As I have used the RAM for a couple days now I cannot return it nor the cooler, so I have opted for removing the red fins which is a highlighted feature of the RAM everything seems to be running okay though I cannot tell the difference. Thanks for your advice
  3. you are welcome, keep in mind that your RAMs are running on 1333Mhz now, that heatsink was meant to cool the RAM module when overclocked above 1600Mhz. so how far you can OC your RAMs WITHOUT the heatsink? i do not know.
    good luck with the new PC.
  4. Just a follow up, I don't have any software to evaluate the temperature of the RAM, however I just ran some benchmarks, played some games fiddled with MSI afterburner. At the end of the session touched my RAM modules and they were actually to my surprise pretty much stone cold to the touch. Could be due to the fans of my Noctua pumping air right around it giving them a really good airflow. Also my CPU sits at 22 degrees which is awesome.
  5. yes, cool temps. the huge NH-D14 does cool the rams in the process.
    but if you decide to OC your rams, you should ask an OC or Memory expert before you do anything.
    congrats on your new build.
  6. Yeah, well I am just going to run it at the standard 2400 HZ not going higher then that. Its absolutely perfectly fine for my level of use.
  7. 2400? your RAM is running at 1333Mhz now, unless you change it to another frequency from the BIOS.
  8. Yeah I enabled it through the Bios through enabling the XMP profile. I turned it on and running some RAM tests all seems to be good and stable. :)
  9. hmm, well ok then. Just keep any eye on these temps, use another monitoring software, just to double check.
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